UK Many-Core Developer Conference 2014 - UKMAC 2014

Monday 15th December 2014

The UK Many-Core Computing Conference is an informal day of talks spanning the whole landscape of accelerated computing and heterogeneous many-core computing. Topics of interest include high-performance computing, embedded and mobile systems, computational science, finance, computer vision and beyond. The goal of the event is to develop and bring together the UK community of developers, both industrial and academic.

The 2014 event was the 6th in the series. Previous meetings have taken place at the University of Oxford (2009 and 2013), Imperial College (2011), University of Bristol (2012) and in Cambridge in 2010. These meetings regularly attract 100 participants and have proved to be invaluable opportunities to meet colleagues and swap stories of many-core successes and challenges.


Keynote: EUROSERVER - Riding the perfect storm

[John Goodacre]

The UKMAC2014 keynote presentation was given by Professor John Goodacre. John is Director of Technology and Systems at the ARM Processor Group in Cambridge and is also Professor of Computer Architectures at the University of Manchester.

Abstract: EUROSERVER is a European commission FP7 funded project which is combining the technology trends of nanotechnology 3D integration, low-power SoC processor integration and the impossible requirements from next generation compute to investigate and build a solution for scalable, cost effective and flexible ARM-based micro-server system architecture suitable across multiple markets. This talk will introduce the vision and the goals for the project and the approach the consortium is taking to realize a ground breaking solution out of the challenges posed by this perfect storm.

UKMAC2014 Programme Committee

Prof Mike Giles (Oxford), Prof Paul Kelly (Imperial), Simon McIntosh-Smith (Bristol), Dr Graham Pullan (Cambridge), Mr Filippo Spiga (Cambridge), Dr David Thomas (Imperial)

Local Organisers

Mr Filippo Spiga, Dr Graham Pullan